What Are Those 5 Things That You Should Keep in Mind While Booking Your Room in a Hotel in New Delhi

Countless people visit New Delhi for different purposes. While some come here for a holiday, others visit the capital in the hope of better treatment. When you’ve a relative or friend in the city, you know you can stay here for some days without looking up to an accommodation in a hotel.

However, even if you’ve no one in the city, you can spend some days here. Google for the budget hotels in New Delhi and your laptop screen will be flooded with numerous websites of hotels. However, you better not miss out on 5 things while booking a room in any budget hotel near New Delhi Railway Station or any other part of the city.

1. Do their rooms have the basic facilities, like T.V.?

Believe me on this, there are hotels and there are rooms, which don’t have TVs. So, you better watch out for this. And, then, there are rooms, which don’t even a clean restroom. So, make sure you don’t end-up paying for a room, which doesn’t even have basic facilities.

2. Location matters a lot

Whether you’re coming to Delhi for a short holiday or treatment, location of your hotel is perhaps what matters the most. Look for a hotel near New Delhi Railway Station as it is one of the prominent locations in the city. You won’t have to worry about the buses, autos and metros to reach to different parts of the city.

3. How’s the Food

Delhi’s street food is popular worldwide. But, let your hotel provide you the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You better not trust the food sold outside on streets.

Today, when every business, every hotel is online, you can get all this information on their websites.

4. Look online for reviews of that hotel

Reviews help. And, it won’t take you long to go online and find out what people are saying about the particular hotel that you’re finding the best.

5. Don’t just go by their websites

Just because the website looks and feels great doesn’t mean the hotel is great. So, do make sure that you talk to their front staff at least once to find out what exactly the hotel offers and doesn’t offer.

Be it the entertainment parks or hotels or shopping malls or monuments, Delhi has a lot to offer. So, even if you’re visiting the city for some treatment purpose, make sure you spare some time to explore its beauty.

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