Hotels in Pench – Focusing on Hospitality, than Business

Pench National Park is the resident of 1200 species of plants, 285 species of birds, 10 amphibians, 30 reptiles, 54 moths, and 50 species of fishes. The list also includes several species of butterflies, insects and other animals discovered in the area. The main attraction of the wildlife sanctuary is the tigers found with moderate density.

Today, Pench National Park is listed among 43 tiger reserves available in India. Moreover, the wildlife sanctuary provides various pictures-perfect locations for bird watchers and wildlife photographers. Every season, there are thousands of researchers and tourists visiting the land to enjoy its dense flora and wild fauna.

This place has several attractions available to woo the visitors. In addition, luxurious hotels, resorts and budgeted hotels are add-on attractions that have built a better reputation concerning accommodation facility. The luxurious rooms are equipped with round-the-clock facilities and amenities designed to serve the entire needs. However, the major attraction of hotels in Pench is the qualitative hospitality compared to other services provided to visitors. Hotels focus more on hospitality than business.

Pench National Park is the paradise that offers excitement, adventure, and peaceful environment. Hospitality in such a paradise plays an important role in making the trip exceptional. Therefore, every hotel and resort has appointed managers to offer a most comfortable experience to the visitors.

Roles of hospitality managers are mentioned below:

The basic role of a manager is to manage the day to day businesses in the hotel. Services include handling reception counter, customer care, and providing complain-free accommodations and facilities to the visitors. But here, apart from pre-described services, managers go an extra mile to help, understand, and serve tourists in a better way. For example, an asthmatic tourist obtains extra care and support during the stay; even when the tourists have not requested for the extra services. Manager book airy accommodation and make arrangements for first aid and other medical supports to avoid any health related discomfort occurred to a tourist during the stay.

Though, hotels and resorts are fully equipped with medical and other facilities; still, especial arrangements are made according to the requirement to offer great hospitality to the visitors.

Safari tours are always exciting and liked by almost everyone. However, among millions only few thousands can afford to book such packages. Reason is the higher price tags that force to drop wildlife viewing or safari plans by people across the globe. Hence, mangers have developed customized packages to help visitors from all walks of life to obtain affordable solutions for the tour. Breakfast, dinner, snacks, stay (day or night), pick and drop from stations, along with facilities and amenities have been separated from defined packages. Now, visitors have to manually add the services in packages according to the requirement or pocket suitability.

Though, the premium packages include all the above mentioned services. Still, tourists can customize or ask for additional services to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Hospitality managers do not stop thinking here; the managers and their teams keep adding several new activities and services to help visitors discover a much better experience in Pench resorts and hotels.

It is qualitative hospitality on which these hotels are focused; not marketing their services to woo the tourists in Pench National Park.

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