Shimla – A One Stop Destination for Travelers

Perched high at an altitude of 2,202 m above the sea level is the picturesque hill station Shimla in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Renowned as the Queen of Hill Stations and The Summer Refuge, Shimla district of today was established in the year 1972 and served as the summer capital of India during the British rule in 1864. The hill resort was made the capital of Punjab earlier, but later, it finally became the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is believed that the city got its name from ‘Shyamala’, which is another name of Goddess Kali. Blessed with plethora of tourist spots, Shimla is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India.

Shimla is a real paradise for travelers seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Packed with numerous tourist attractions, the hill station grabs the attention of travelers from all corners of the world. From picturesque natural landscapes, ancient colonial structures to spiritual places, the city offers a huge wealth of tourist spots for everyone coming to its fold. To name a few, Christ Church, Dorje Drak Monastery, The Mall Road, Elysium Hill, Glenn, Himachal State Museum & Library, Jakhu Hil, Jakhu Temple, Ridge, Tara Devi Temple, Toy Train Ride and Woodville Palace are some of the prime attractions in Shimla. As the city receives a pleasant climate all round the year, tourists can visit this hill station at any time.

Catering to the accommodation needs of travelers, Shimla offers plenty of accommodation facilities including lavish properties to budget hotels. For luxury travelers, there are plenty of five star hotels in Shimla that leave no stone unturned in serving guests in the best possible way. Radisson Jass Shimla is among the finest five stars in the city packed with exquisitely designed rooms amidst panoramic locations. Along with rendering all the basic amenities, the hotel staff put in all its efforts in serving guests with great hospitality. The Oberoi Cecil Shimla, Hotel Combermere, Chapslee and Windflower Hall are among the popular luxury properties in Shimla to pick from.

Besides the five star Shimla hotels, there are many good four star and three star hotels available to shelter travelers. Clarke’s Hotel is one of the popular four-star hotels in Shimla offering a choice of elegantly designed guest rooms and top-class colonial architecture. Joining the thread of four stars, Aamod Resort, East Bourne Resort & Spa, Shilon Resort, Shimla Havens, Hotel Combermere and Club Mahindra Kandaghat are some of the premier names among the four star facilities. And if you are a semi-luxury hotels, be delighted as the city offers myriad of options to choose from. Hotel Surya, Hotel Swastik Inn, Fairmount Hotel and Toshali Royal View are among the popular semi-luxury hotels in Shimla.

Budget travelers would be delighted to know the adequate amount of cheap hotels available in the hill station. You can expect a comfortable stay along with all the basic amenities. Hotel Sansar, Hotel Blue Diamond, Hotel Paradise Regency and Hotel Woodland are some of the best budget accommodations in the city to choose from. With such great variety of accommodation options, you definitely don’t need to worry at all. Enjoy with your loved ones in the alluring hill station of Shimla.

Hotel in Cusco – Right Hotels Make a Trip of Lifetime

A good hotel is nothing but a home away from home. A good hotel is a place you come back to unwind, relax and breathe after a long day of enjoyment, fun and sightseeing. It is perhaps the single biggest contributor to your experience and memories of the trip. As a traveler, visiting exotic locations you should make very informed choices of hotels by reading reviews on as many as online portals and magazines as possible. The choice of hotel should depend on where you are headed, what you intend to do during you stay and what is your idea of travelling.

How to choose the right hotel?

If you are a person travelling to Cusco, a few heads up about hotels are necessary. Cusco is a beautiful place in Peru and happens to be a world heritage site. Cusco is famous for being the capital of Inca Empire. It is a ground base for visits to many famous sites of historic and archeological significance along with some of the most marvelous and beautiful sites of nature. Therefore, when you are looking for Hotel in Cusco make sure you find the right location to allow you for mobility and fit snug into your time schedules.

There are many exotic, expensive as well as cheap and affordable hotels available for stay in Cusco. The choice depends a lot on your pocket and ability to adjust to the kind of services offered.

It would make no sense to travel to Cusco and not see the places around. You can also choose to stay in a hotel that gives you the feel of Inca Culture. To experience a place you can get the best directions from the local people. The easiest and most amazing places to start conversations with locals are your hotel staff. Turn to them for advice. They will guide you to the best and most amazing places as well as to budgetary places of visit, places to shop, eat and explore.

Once you have been a traveler for a while, making the choice for the right hotel is never difficult. There are a lot of options to choose a Hotel in Cusco. Do your researches well before you pack off for the destination, history and beauty Cusco is. Having the right place to stay will make even a short or business trip worth many memories. Feel free to ask around and search online for reviews and feedback. More importantly, since mostly the bookings are done through agents, choosing the right agency is important as that will ensure peace of mind during your visit.

What Are Those 5 Things That You Should Keep in Mind While Booking Your Room in a Hotel in New Delhi

Countless people visit New Delhi for different purposes. While some come here for a holiday, others visit the capital in the hope of better treatment. When you’ve a relative or friend in the city, you know you can stay here for some days without looking up to an accommodation in a hotel.

However, even if you’ve no one in the city, you can spend some days here. Google for the budget hotels in New Delhi and your laptop screen will be flooded with numerous websites of hotels. However, you better not miss out on 5 things while booking a room in any budget hotel near New Delhi Railway Station or any other part of the city.

1. Do their rooms have the basic facilities, like T.V.?

Believe me on this, there are hotels and there are rooms, which don’t have TVs. So, you better watch out for this. And, then, there are rooms, which don’t even a clean restroom. So, make sure you don’t end-up paying for a room, which doesn’t even have basic facilities.

2. Location matters a lot

Whether you’re coming to Delhi for a short holiday or treatment, location of your hotel is perhaps what matters the most. Look for a hotel near New Delhi Railway Station as it is one of the prominent locations in the city. You won’t have to worry about the buses, autos and metros to reach to different parts of the city.

3. How’s the Food

Delhi’s street food is popular worldwide. But, let your hotel provide you the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You better not trust the food sold outside on streets.

Today, when every business, every hotel is online, you can get all this information on their websites.

4. Look online for reviews of that hotel

Reviews help. And, it won’t take you long to go online and find out what people are saying about the particular hotel that you’re finding the best.

5. Don’t just go by their websites

Just because the website looks and feels great doesn’t mean the hotel is great. So, do make sure that you talk to their front staff at least once to find out what exactly the hotel offers and doesn’t offer.

Be it the entertainment parks or hotels or shopping malls or monuments, Delhi has a lot to offer. So, even if you’re visiting the city for some treatment purpose, make sure you spare some time to explore its beauty.

What Kind of Services do Hotels in Aurangabad Offer?

Most of the region of Maharashtra are well visited by tourists because of the favorable climate of this state. The state witnesses a very unique type of climate which begs to differ from that of the neighboring regions. Though the tourism stack of the state is endless,the city has some few astonishing sites which are worth adoring. Aurangabad is believed to be the center of attraction of the state of Maharashtra. The city is bestowed with numerous entities of natural excellence. Aurangabad offers a wide range of traveling options to its visiting tourists. The city has various spots which have the characteristics of adventure within them. Along with adventurous activities, the town also has various joints which promise to leave a rejuvenating effect on its admiring visitors.

The unique part about Aurangabad is that it offers a very nurturing environment to its guests and hence welcome them with warm affection. The city also has certain monumental marvels which can safely be called an ideal mediums to understand the flawless art of the past. The archeological entities here have the engravings of past rulers which makes this place a paradise for history enthusiasts. The town has perfectly stroked a balance between modernity and natural aura.

The town has various remarkable guest houses and hotels which indirectly define the warm hospitality of this place. The guest houses in Aurangabad have proved their mettle through their exceptional service. The services provided by these guest houses is quite wide. The guest houses of Aurangabad have very decent booking procedure which is every easy and dose not requires much of efforts. The bookings in the Aurangabad guest houses can also be easily done by visiting the associated website of the hospitality entity. Among priority services, round the clock power backup, 24 hours help desk, conference and banquet hall facilities are some of the significant ones.

The hotels in Aurangabad also have a travel desk which is solely meant to provide fruitful travel assistance to the visiting guests. Most of the hotels in Aurangabad have a restaurant attached to their premises which offer some delightful variety of cuisines. The meals offered by the hotel are of high standard and are delicately been cooked to ensure proper hygiene. Aurangabad has more than just natural belongings., The town have recently become the most sought after location among renowned food joints and well known apparel giants. The town also have the outlets of numerous well known brands. Aurangabad promises to make its visitors surprised with its beauty.

Boutique Uniqueness in Magical Melbourne

The second most populated city in Australia and the capital of Victoria, Melbourne is a city that gets over 15 million tourists visiting it every year. The city hosts a number of tourist activities like sporting events, cultural events and fashion events. Often referred to as ‘The cultural capital of Australia’, Melbourne is seen as the birthplace of the Australian film industry, Australian rule football, specific styles of dance like New Vogue and the Australian television industry. With so much happening in one city, it’s easy to understand why tourists keep flocking to there for fun and entertainment.

Whether you are in Melbourne for a quick getaway weekend whether you’re staying for longer, It has a great variety of comfortable places to stay in that will suit every price class. If you are looking for a place to rest your head, but you are not in the mood for the impersonal bland facades of standardized hotels, then you want to look into staying at a Melbourne Boutique hotel.

Boutique hotels are hotels that have a little something special about them, often located in a unique or intimate setting. Quite often, boutique hotels are stylish, themed hotels and aren’t likely to be found under the umbrella of big name hotel chains. A Melbourne Boutique hotel is usually fitted with technological conveniences like Internet and air-conditioning, where some others have on-site dining facilities and 24 hour staff on call. Many of the boutique hotels are owned by individual owners or smaller companies, although in Melbourne, with its wide range of boutique hotels, some are owned by bigger hotels. All of the boutique hotels though, see it as essential to keep their customers happy in an intimate, comfortable setting.

If you are traveling to there for sightseeing, it would be best for you to look for a Melbourne Boutique hotel that is located in the city center There is no lack of CBD boutique apartments! From your convenient CBD location, there are a bunch of activities and attractions to keep you busy. If you are a bit of a culture vulture, you can walk to one of the many galleries like the Mahoney’s gallery or the Latrobe Street Gallery. After checking out the city’s art scene, you can take in a show at the Regent Theater or Forum Theater. For those that love architecture, St Paul’s cathedral is a beautiful showpiece of old architecture, a historic place of worship.

Whatever your mission in the city, you can stay in memorable comfort in a Melbourne Boutique hotel and find your way around the city that you’re certain to fall in love with!